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Marilee Taussig, Painter

Travel, paint, reflect. Repeat.

Medieval Villages of Southern France

Forms in Nature

About Marilee

“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.” Henry Miller

The two main paths I tread these days are painting and helping people travel. New perspectives, and the wisdom we gain from looking at the world from a different angle is the best thing about travel.  Pretty much the same thing goes for painting. When done with full heart, both allow you to shed your blinders, coming to belong to something deeper and broader than our single worlds. Sometimes that means travelling by yourself as a sixty-something woman.  With your crazy little dog.  And sometimes sitting right down on the ground next to a four hundred year old fountain , no matter how many grown-ups frown at you, because what you’re looking at is just so wonderful. On the right is me sitting down on the ground (in France, where it is not done!)  in Vence, one of the medieval villages and towns along the Meditteranean that I have been trying to capture in paint for four decades [more..]